4 Ideas For Easter Decoration

Decorative Snacks

Easter snacks like chocolate bunnies can redesign your home for Easter if you do some simple DIY projects. Try spray painting them in different colours and display them as a centrepiece! Make all kinds of shaped snacks; you can bake bunny-shaped biscuits and decorate a floral plate with chocolate eggs. Try making egg-shaped cookies and arrange them in a wreath for a real wow factor!

Add Some Flare to Easter Eggs

Loading up a basket of eggs with different colours and sizes is a very simple way of updating your home for Easter. If you’re looking for an extra flare, paint your eggshells and arrange them all over the house. Try a fun recipe for deviled eggs called deviled chicks – add a few eyes onto your deviled eggs for a fun Easter atmosphere.

Upgrade Your Flowers

Yellow tulips, lilies, daisies and yellow roses are a quick and straightforward choice for instant Easter decor. Get creative and use jugs or teacups to store and display these flowers. Create centrepieces on your dining room or coffee tables; the bright yellow colours will refresh your home instantly! If you have a garden, plant some azaleas. They signify love and temperance and add the beautiful touch of Easter all around.

Switch Up Your Linens

White table linen with a pop of blue, yellow or pink with a big statement centrepiece can transfer your home instantly. You can try making some Easter linens yourself, sew in an Easter egg or an Easter bunny on your oversized white linen. Add some Easter napkins as cute details to impress all your guests!

How to Use Plywood in Interior Design

The current age opens new possibilities in the use of plywood for interior designs. It is possible to integrate plywood with walls, ceilings, or furniture to develop an immersive look. Plywood is also very versatile since it provides a unique look when painted and a more aesthetic beauty when used as bare plywood.

Bare plywood is impressive to most homeowners looking for cozy interior design features and gives your home a natural fulfilling vibe. It can be paired with other colors such as grey, black, or white to create a twist between contemporary and modern design. It makes the room very attractive.

With these fantastic plywood features, it would help to know where to apply them in your house. Here you will find some ways to use plywood in interior design projects to make your home look more executive and luxurious.


Save more space with these stylish and modern plywood shelves with an authentic look to adorn your home’s walls. Most people who prefer to have more spaces in their urban apartments always opt for frames. Shelves protrude into the living spaces, and it would be best to make them look beautiful. They hold books, pictures, plants, and art collections that enhance the look in your rooms. Use the shelves for beauty and the creation of space in your rooms effectively.


The trendy interior design currently taking pace is leaving out bare or unfinished concrete in the home. The resulting feature is rustic with an industrial feel that makes you get stability while enjoying yourself sitting in the rooms. You can make the rooms even more remarkable when you pair them with plywood. It will provide a fantastic contrast that resonates with nature at the same time representing the urban life that people desire. You can view more design examples at Tylko, a leading company on trending home interior designs: https://journal.tylko.com/5-iconic-designers-plywood-furniture/. The beauty provided with this plywood will make people feel emotional with your house and have a deep connection with the sense of ability it gives.

Window Finishes

You can make your window feel fresh and non-trivial when you decorate the window sills and jambs with plywood. Currently, most people opt for this option since it is convenient and plywood is easy to bend, making the process simple and easy.


Plywood is flexible and cheap. Designers have used it for over a century, and you can trust it to give you a fantastic look when installing it in your home. Use plywood to perfect your creative interior design ideas and home decorations.

5 Best Home Office Design Ideas

Offices are very important spaces which help to promote productivity and general running of businesses. People might at times find the need to work from home in which case they might need to convert one or several of their rooms into an office space. Having a home office has several perks including the reduction in time required to begin the business hours. Such is due to the fact that people do not need to commute from their residential place to their place of work. Home offices do however have several disadvantages which can stem from the distractions which can be found at home. There are several ideas which can help to design a good home office space.


One of the most important things in designing a home office is deciding where it will be in the home. Depending on one’s profession one might need a room that is quiet and away from the distractions and noise of other members of the family or a place where one can easily multitask their occupation and household tasks. Selecting the best room in the house can be very instrumental in serving most of the person’s needs as they carry out their daily tasks.


The place one decides to be their home office needs to be spacious enough to allow free-flowing air as well as being able to accommodate all the materials the professional might require in their tasks. For example, a painter might require an area that is large enough to accommodate his or her canvases while offering breathing room.


Another important part in designing one’s home office is the selection of furniture which can go well with their needs. One should assess their requirements before going to the store to purchase their desk and chair. For example, one should consider essential items such as computers and monitors which need to be placed on the desk before deciding on the size and shape of the desk they go for.


Office work usually tends to generate a lot of paperwork that in turn requires a storage or shelving facility. Having a chest of drawers not only saves space but also helps to provide a storage solution that is compact and decorative. Chest of drawers can be very instrumental in ensuring one has ample space for many of the stationery require in carrying out office work.

Meeting place

Meetings are often an essential part of an office which can be instrumental in determining the design of the office. If a person only takes virtual meetings then such might not be a large consideration.